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Welcome to the Drummond Agency. This small personalised agency located north of Melbourne was established in 1997 by Sheila Drummond, an experienced publishing identity. It represents adult and children’s authors for fiction and non-fiction and has award-winners and best-sellers among its client list. A network of sub-agents in many territories enables the sale of world English-language and translation rights to be offered to clients.

Please note we are only able to represent Australian and New Zealand authors.

The agency works on a commission basis and does not offer written assessments.

We are members of the Australian Literary Agents Association (ALAA).


What an agent can do for you

An agent with a wide knowledge of the publishing industry is able to assess the commercial viability of your work and where to place it in the current publishing environment.

They are able to negotiate with publishing houses and other entities to ensure that you are offered the best terms possible. Agents act as the link between publisher and author, looking after all business aspects of the process, such as: negotiating contracts, invoicing and collecting advances, royalties and other fees, ensuring these are timely and correct. They also act as a buffer if problems occur during the publishing process or beyond.

Their role is to build your career, by exploiting as many rights as possible, and encouraging new works.

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